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Our Story

itopia was founded by IT professionals with one mission, make it easy to migrate Windows workspace environments to the cloud. Founded in 2012, itopia has emerged as a leader in the fast growing Workspace as a Service market. Built in the cloud, itopia gives IT Service Providers the only platform in the world that automatically discovers an IT ecosystem and migrates full stack windows environments into Google Cloud Platform.


Co-Founder Jonathan Lieberman previously founded a company that migrated landline phones to VOIP phones and saw Workspaces as the next segment ripe for disruption. Meanwhile, Co-Founder Ubaldo Don, experienced first-hand the frustrations of managing complex IT ecosystems and conventional Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (“VDI”). Together, they have formed itopia to empower IT managers to provide cloud hosted desktops painlessly.

Workspace as a Service vs VDI

WaaS transforms VDI’s high capital expenditures and unpredictable monthly maintenance costs, with a monthly per-desktop cost.

VDI typically involves building out and maintaining a data center where virtualized Windows desktops are hosted, run, and managed. The desktop is streamed to a computer or another compatible endpoint device. End-users working on their endpoint devices use the virtualized Windows desktop as if it were running locally. However, their applications and data are in the data center, which provides increased security and control.

While VDI has many benefits, it also increases IT costs and workloads due to building, operating and maintaining data centers. Workspace as a Service eliminates the need for costly and laborious data centers by hosting IT environments in the cloud. This allows IT service providers to shed their data center efforts and focus on what truly matters: providing their clients with the best service.

Why Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform is built to leverage Google’s know how and infrastructure built over almost two decades. Google’s own infrastructure was purpose built for its high-traffic global-scale services, including Gmail, Maps, YouTube, and Search. Due to the size and scale of these services, Google has heavily invested in optimizing its infrastructure and creating a suite of tools and services to manage it effectively. As a result, Google Cloud Platform has an industry leading SLA, the best costs, and lowest latency.

Best SLA

Google Cloud Platform
has an industry leading service level
objective of 99.95%

Cloud Investment

In the last year Google has invested
a reported $9 billion into its cloud
business, more than AWS and
Azure combined

Fastest Response

Environments running
on the Google cloud have the
industry’s lowest latency due to
Google’s vast network of data centers.

Lowest Cost

The Google Cloud is between
30-50% less expensive than AWS
And Azure hyper-scale clouds

Free Cloud Credit

Sign up and get $300 in FREE
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Google Cloud Platform over
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Our Leadership Team


Co-Founder and CEO

Jonathan is responsible for guiding itopia’s overall business operations and strategy with a vision of becoming the premier Workspace-as-a-Service (WaaS) provider to IT admins, Service Providers and ISVs. Jonathan


Co-Founder and CTO

Ubaldo Don is itopia’s technology leader. He is responsible for all aspects of itopia’s technical operation, including software development, engineering and technical support. Ubaldo is the principal architect of Cielo®


Senior Vice President of Sales

Scott Markley serves as Senior Vice President of Sales. Markley brings significant sales management expertise in the enterprise SaaS and cloud IT industries. Markley is an integral part of the itopia executive leadership team

Sean Charnock

Board of Directors

Marty Halpern

Board of Directors

Sherrill W. Hudson

Board of Directors

Eric Kamisher

Board of Directors

Jonathan Lieberman

Board of Directors

Chris MacFarland

Board of Directors

John Mclntire

Board of Directors

Kristy King

Advisory Board

Steve McKean

Advisory Board

Michael Platner

Advisory Board

Bill Pruitt

Advisory Board

Jose Rodriguez

Advisory Board

Scott Wharton

Advisory Board

David Zinn

Advisory Board

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