Cloud Desktops for Managed Service Providers


Managed Service Providers

It’s no secret that MSPs find it extremely hard to attain the ROI required by offering legacy VDI solutions as a service. We know, as we tried to do this in the past. That’s why we built itopia Cloud Automation Stack (CAS). We chose to partner with Google Cloud for cloud based VDI early for several reasons – GCP provides the lowest costs, has the most extensive and best performing network and is hyper-secure. With itopia’s advanced IT infrastructure management capabilities + Google Cloud, MSPs finally have a way to deliver cloud based VDI that can drive more revenues, create more efficiency, and above all keep customers happy.

Managed Service Providers

Enabling the MSP Industry with
Cloud Desktops

Drive efficiency

Being successful in the MSP market is not only about growing sales. To be profitable, you must create efficiencies and cut costs internally. That is difficult to do with legacy VDI solutions. Enter VDI 2.0. itopia CAS has been built from the ground up for Google Cloud to enable less ...

Create more value

The MSP market is super competitive, and it’s imperative that you differentiate from the thousands of MSPs your customers have to choose from. If your engineers are too busy working in the break-fix mode with legacy VDI solutions, they aren’t creating more value-added services. itopia’s end-to-end IT infrastructure management solution ...

Focus on the desktop

With traditional VDI solutions, MSPs are by definition more in the business of infrastructure procurement and management. In other words, the desktop becomes a mere afterthought given the time and attention that everything else requires. That doesn’t really make sense if you are selling a virtual desktop solution. By leveraging ...

Ensure security

Companies are looking to MSPs to secure their critical business information because they struggle to do it in-house. The same goes for you, providing security is a massive undertaking that can drain your budget and resources, and if you slip up (it’s easy to do), it can put a major ...

Key Features

  • Automate provisioning for single or multi-region deployments on GCP
  • Configure Windows infrastructure
  • Schedule VM instance uptime
  • Administer Active Directory environments – users, groups and GPOs
  • Manage folders and file shares
  • Autoscale RD session hosts
  • Automate snapshots for backup and DR
  • Manage VM instances for compute, disk and firewall
  • Create and manage VPNs for cloud or hybrid use cases
  • Manage access control lists (ACL) and user permissions
  • Implement AD-based DR
  • Manage server-only environments on GCP
  • Integrate with Google BigQuery for GCP cost insights
  • Integrations with Slack, ZenDesk and ConnectWise


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