Cloud Desktops with Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory (AD)

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itopia will integrate with Google Cloud
Managed Service for Microsoft AD

Enterprises need cloud solutions that spin-up immediately and minimize man-hours. To achieve this, it’s hard to find a more potent combination than itopia’s cloud desktop software and Google Cloud’s Managed Service for AD. itopia allows sysadmins to spin up complete end-user environments on Compute Engine from endpoints to back-end servers while Google Cloud’s data centers and best practices ensure your new environment’s AD is managed, efficient, and compliant. All it takes is one click on our portal.


Enabling the Fastest Onboard
of Legacy VDI

itopia Key Features

  • Toggle Google Cloud Managed Service for AD deployment directly from our portal
  • Automate provisioning for single or multi-region deployments on GCP
  • Configure Windows infrastructure
  • Schedule VM instance uptime
  • Administer Active Directory environments – users, groups and GPOs
  • Manage folders and file shares
  • Autoscale RD session hosts
  • Automate snapshots for backup and DR
  • Manage VM instances for compute, disk and firewall
  • Create and manage VPNs for cloud or hybrid use cases
  • Manage access control lists (ACL) and user permissions
  • Implement AD-based DR
  • Manage server-only environments on GCP
  • Integrate with Google BigQuery for GCP cost insights
  • Integrations with Slack, ZenDesk and ConnectWise


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