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Chromebooks and tablets now touch every aspect of the world of education. Not only are today’s students digital natives, but teachers are eager to leverage the new possibilities education technology (EdTech) enable. The problem is that most K-12 schools have very limited budgets and IT expertise, and many curriculums still require legacy Windows apps that typically have to be addressed with expensive, stationary computer labs. itopia solves this by enabling Windows Apps on any device, such as the popular Chromebooks, on Google Cloud. itopia empowers schools to easily deliver the best-in-breed EdTech to students, while maintaining access to Windows Apps such as MATLAB, Adobe Photoshop, or Microsoft Excel.


Enabling the Education Industry with
Cloud Desktops


By leveraging Google Cloud’s infrastructure and itopia’s management platform, schools can provide the latest and greatest learning tools for the lowest cost possible. itopia’s Schedule Uptime feature enables IT admins to automatically power VMs on and off as needed, perfect for students’ fluctuating demand throughout the week and school-year.


Schools deal with highly sensitive private information of hundreds or thousands of current students on a daily basis, and also keep records of past ones. Given the limited budgets, securing that data on-premises is not an easy task. itopia enables IT admins to easily apply individual and group security policies ...


itopia enables one-click automation for Windows Desktops and Apps on Google Cloud from single, intuitive control panel. IT admins have direct and granular control over every aspect of their environment on Google Cloud. That includes compute, network, storage, security and billing. itopia gives schools a simple and clean interface to ...


Today more than ever, collaboration is extremely important in the classroom. Students need to be able to communicate with other students on projects and across multiple EdTech platforms, and teachers need to have immediate access to grades, lesson plans, administrative services and notes from multiple devices and locations. With itopia, ...

Key Features

  • Automate provisioning for single or multi-region deployments on GCP
  • Configure Windows infrastructure
  • Schedule VM instance uptime
  • Administer Active Directory environments – users, groups and GPOs
  • Manage folders and file shares
  • Autoscale RD session hosts
  • Automate snapshots for backup and DR
  • Manage VM instances for compute, disk and firewall
  • Create and manage VPNs for cloud or hybrid use cases
  • Manage access control lists (ACL) and user permissions
  • Implement AD-based DR
  • Manage server-only environments on GCP
  • Integrate with Google BigQuery for GCP cost insights
  • Integrations with Slack, ZenDesk and ConnectWise

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