Deploy Windows Virtual Desktops and Apps on Google Cloud

The future of VDI is delivering Desktop as a Service
to workers from a single control panel in your browser

itopia is GCP’s exclusive DaaS solution

Automated Provisioning

With a few simple clicks, itopia orchestrates the configuration of your entire deployment.
Google Cloud environment: Network, Firewall, Compute, and Storage.
Windows infrastructure: Active Directory, Group Policy Objects, RD Gateways, RD Brokers, RD Web, RD Licensing, RD Session Hosts, and File Servers.

Identity & Access Management

itopia provides a centralized console for user access and group management.
Create new users or import users from your existing Active Directory (or, extend your on-prem AD into Google Cloud).
Assign user groups to collections with designated Windows apps and permissions, accessible across multiple regions.

Image Management

Once a VM has been configured with the desired OS, apps, and settings: itopia can automate the creation and deployment of the image across multiple VMs, either manually or via itopia’s Auto-Scaling.

Collection Pools

Create unique “pools” of VMs for different types of workloads. Collection Pools are fully customizable:
Auto-Scaling for quantity, size, and capacity of VMs. CPU, RAM, and storage resources.

Custom images of OS and Apps.

Multi-region accessibility with user connection settings such as Session Timeout.

Nearest Connection Point

itopia can automatically determine a user’s location and route them to the collection in the nearest region, ensuring the lowest latency and best user experience.

Scheduled & Dynamic Uptime

Scheduled Uptime can start and stop VMs according to a preset schedule. Useful for shutting down unneeded compute resources on weekends or off-peak hours.
Dynamic Uptime will start and stop VMs based on the number of active users in the collection pool. By keeping only the necessary number of VMs active, Dynamic Uptime can reduce compute costs significantly.

File Shares

Manage file shares from a centralized location. Define the folder structure and permissions. Assign mapped drives to users and groups.
1) Windows File Server

2) NetApp Cloud Volumes Service: Our native integration provides a high performance, fully managed file server option with support for both NFS and SMB protocols.

Snapshot Backups

Capture full VM snapshots using preset schedules and version retention policies. Snapshots can be used to restore one or more VMs to a prior point-in-time configuration.
This provides insulation from server-wide failures, yielding a powerful backup tool for disaster recovery.

Insights with BigQuery

Gather insights from itopia’s analytics dashboard to report on historical user behavior and compute activity with our direct integration with BigQuery.
This provides monitoring on: session length per user, frequency of app usage and file access, as well as a breakdown of GCP consumption costs.

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