itopia Announces Deeper Integration With Google Cloud Platform And Enhanced Provisioning
MIAMI, FL – May 17, 2018 – Desktop as a Service (DaaS) software automation provider itopia today announced new integration of its Cloud Automation Stack platform with Google Cloud, and new provisioning capabilities to streamline the costs and management of cloud-based
May 17, 2018
Cloud-based Vdi: 4 Reasons Why Healthcare Companies Are Making The Move
The healthcare industry isn’t new to desktop virtualization and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)—it was one of the first to adopt it. Originally, healthcare organizations deployed VDI on-premises to give healthcare professionals secure access to patient records from multiple devices and locations. However, as
May 11, 2018
4 Benefits Of Cloud Security And Why Google Cloud Stands Out
Ask any CIO for a list of the top three things that keep them up at night. There’s a really good chance that security will be in the list, whether their data and applications are on-premises or in the cloud. In a
May 3, 2018
Digital Transformation: 5 Components Shaping Euc Strategies And Where Virtual Desktops Fit
In today’s fast paced, mobile and hyper-connected world, businesses have to move fast. Rapidly changing technologies and increasingly tech-savvy end users require companies to take new approaches to their respective digital transformation strategies. To be successful, business leaders need to approach IT transformation
Apr 20, 2018
Why Daas 2.0 On A Hyperscale Cloud Is The Future Of Desktop Virtualization
Chances are that when desktop virtualization comes up in a conversation, many people immediately think of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). While it’s true that VDI was the forerunner in the desktop virtualization world, and that the technology is quite mature, adoption has been
Apr 10, 2018
Google Cloud Platform Vs Aws Vs Azure: The Price Wars Are On!
If you’re ready to migrate to the cloud, but not sure whether to choose Google Cloud Platform vs AWS vs Azure, you are not alone. There are many factors to consider when deciding which cloud service provider is right for your specific business
Mar 29, 2018
Disaster Recovery: Best Practices And Leveraging The Cloud
It’s not a matter of if a disaster might strike, but when. Whether it’s a natural disaster like a hurricane, earthquake or flood, a system failure, human error or a cyber attack, organizations must have a solid disaster recovery plan in place to
Mar 27, 2018
Case Study: Eiger Creative Migrates To And Delivers Its Saas Application From Google Cloud With itopia
Customer   Eiger Creative was founded in Bristol, CT in 2004 to provide software development and IT consulting services, including: managed IT, business support, VOIP, data protection, hosting and cloud computing services to a wide range of businesses across North America. In 2015, Eiger introduced
Mar 27, 2018
itopia Releases New Dashboard For Its Cloud Desktop Automation Platform
MIAMI, FL. – March 20, 2018 – DaaS software provider itopia today announced a new dashboard for its end-to-end cloud desktop automation and orchestration platform, making it easier and more intuitive to migrate desktops and apps to Google Cloud.   itopia, a Google
Mar 20, 2018
Preparing For Generation Z In The Workplace
Just when businesses finally started to figure out how to attract and accommodate millennials, they now need to start preparing for generation Z in the workplace. Generation Z is roughly defined as those born between between 1995 and 2010, and is the
Feb 28, 2018
Chrome Devices Are Enterprise-ready. How You Can Run Windows On Chromebooks
As an increasing number of businesses are considering switching to Chromebooks, chances are many still rely on Windows-based applications.This begs the question: “Can I run Windows on Chromebooks?” The answer is yes. Connecting to virtual desktops and applications hosted on a Windows server
Feb 22, 2018
itopia’s Desktop-as-a-service Platform Now On Google Cloud Launcher And Orbitera Test Drive
MIAMI, FL. – February 13, 2018 – DaaS software provider itopia today announced the availability of its CAS automation and orchestration platform on Google Cloud Launcher and Orbitera Test Drive   itopia, a Google Cloud Desktop-as-a-Service Technology Partner, is
Feb 13, 2018
Planning And Implementing A Vdi Migration; Why You Should Consider The Cloud
If you’ve been tasked to perform a VDI migration by management, you’re not alone. Think about it in terms of market growth. The global virtual desktop infrastructure market is expected to reach $10.5 billion by 2023, up from
Feb 9, 2018
Making The Case For Shorter Hardware Refresh Cycles
Establishing a solid hardware refresh cycle strategy has always been a tough feat. Not long ago, it was common practice to follow a five to eight year refresh cycle. Even with that seemingly simple guideline, companies faced two critical challenges. If they replaced servers too
Jan 31, 2018
Cloud Cost Management: How To Keep The Meter In Check
Anyone who has ever been stuck in a traffic jam in a taxi knows the helpless feeling as the meter keeps ticking away even though you’re going nowhere.  Thankfully (for some), modern ride sharing services have relieved passengers of that pain by providing
Jan 15, 2018