Automated deployment and management of virtual GPU graphics-intensive workstations with Teradici PCoIP on Google Cloud.

The simple way to deliver virtual GPU graphics-intensive workstations on GCP.

itopia is the Leading Orchestration Engine for Teradici GPU Workloads on Google Cloud

Automate provisioning and management of Linux-based virtual workstations

Deploy and manage GCP-based persistent virtual workstations on a 1:1 basis

Leverage Virtual GPU Acceleration and Teradici PCoIP

Increase performance of virtualized multimedia applications with NVIDIA P100 GPU accelerators and Teradici’s high-performance remote media protocol

Manage VM Instances for Computer, Disk and Firewall

Create and manage VM instances and enable resource auto-scaling from a single pane of glass

Schedule VM Instance Uptime

Create a customized schedule to spin servers up or down based on business demand

Automate snapshots for backup and DR

Customize and automate snapshot and retention policies based on your specific requirements

Administer Active Directory Environments from a single console

Single-click management of Users, Groups and GPOs in Google Cloud-based or hybrid AD environments

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