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See how you can leverage itopia’s cloud automation to easily:
  • Deliver Windows virtual desktops and apps to users on any device worldwide
  • Orchestrate Active Directory and simplify user management
  • Power VMs on and off automatically so you only pay for what you need
  • Route users dynamically to the nearest GCP data center for lowest latency
  • Guarantee security as data is stored in the cloud, away from local devices
  • Ensure disaster recovery with VM snapshots replicated across all GCP data centers

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# of Users

“Building out our traditional VDI solution was simply consuming too much of our time. More often than we’d like, a VM would go south on us, causing downtime for the artist. It’s always this constant dance of trying to keep the VMs up and running. That’s completely avoided by running itopia’s cloud solution.”

Jeremy Oddo
Global Director of Technology at The Third Floor

“For the first time ever, we are able to set up remote workspaces and manage our practice with a very easy to use interface that can be operated by non-technical staff, reducing our operating costs significantly. itopia has made us more efficient than ever.”

Sherman Shaw
National Legal Projects Manager at Robert Half

“We’ve been able to reduce cloud costs dramatically with itopia + GCP, and create a more resilient business by ensuring that employees have secure access to their desktops, apps, and data from remote locations during even the worst of storms.”

Jonathan Adderley
Director of IT Operations at UTA