Cloud Desktops for Oil and Gas


Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry is undergoing a massive digital transformation due to a surge in new and disruptive technologies. In order to remain profitable in a notoriously volatile market, companies must look for ways to increase operational efficiency throughout the entire supply chain – from rigs on the edge to the datacenter to the distribution channels. At the same time, IT departments are under increasing pressure to reduce costs and securely process data in these dispersed and highly connected environments. Companies are also dealing with the enormous amount of data being generated, resource-hungry visualization and modeling applications and new access mechanisms like virtual desktops. With itopia Cloud Automation Stack (CAS) + Google Cloud, oil and gas companies get an end-to-end cloud automation and management solution to address all the above.

Oil and Gas

Enabling the Oil and Gas Industry
with Cloud Desktops

Enabling a remote workforce

Regardless of the size of the company, oil and gas operations are by nature very dispersed. Providing IT infrastructure and applications for remote sites has been a huge challenge to-date. With Google Cloud-based virtual desktops deployed and managed by itopia CAS, companies can ensure that workers anywhere in the world ...

Cutting costs

With extremely volatile prices and the rise of arguably less expensive alternative energy sources like wind and solar, oil and gas companies are facing stiff competition. Because of this, IT departments are under increasing pressure to deliver more for less money. Features in itopia CAS like server uptime scheduling and ...

High-performance applications

Graphics-intensive 3D modeling and data visualization applications are widespread in the industry. Traditionally, companies were required to procure super expensive physical workstations to run these. To eliminate this debilitating cost, companies can now deploy GPU-accelerated virtual graphics workstations powered by HPC on Google Cloud with itopia CAS. These Linux-based graphics ...


Oil and gas companies operate in a geopolitically sensitive industry and are frequent targets of cyberattacks, particularly from foreign governments. Widespread industry adoption of IoT-connected devices such as sensors is only making the threat landscape larger. By migrating applications and data to Google Cloud’s highly secure data centers, sensitive information ...

Key Features

  • Automate provisioning for single or multi-region deployments on GCP
  • Configure Windows infrastructure
  • Schedule VM instance uptime
  • Administer Active Directory environments – users, groups and GPOs
  • Manage folders and file shares
  • Autoscale RD session hosts
  • Automate snapshots for backup and DR
  • Manage VM instances for compute, disk and firewall
  • Create and manage VPNs for cloud or hybrid use cases
  • Manage access control lists (ACL) and user permissions
  • Implement AD-based DR
  • Manage server-only environments on GCP
  • Integrate with Google BigQuery for GCP cost insights
  • Usage monitoring for user, infrastructure, app and file activity
  • Integrations with Slack, ZenDesk and ConnectWise


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