Cloud Desktops for Law Firms


Law Firms

The legal industry faces many unique challenges, from information security and compliance to an increasingly mobile workforce – and a bunch in between. Deploying legal technology through cloud desktops enables organizations to meet these challenges head on in several ways.

In addition, new developments in legal technology enable law firms to be more productive, offer more innovative services and improve the quality of those services is a key driver. However, delivering legal technology to professionals in an efficient and secure way has been a challenge, particularly because many firms don’t have the IT expertise or budgets to do so. Enter itopia Cloud Automation Stack (CAS) — purpose-built for Google Cloud.

Law Firms

Enabling the Legal Industry with
Cloud Desktops

Security and compliance

Just about every piece of information legal professionals deal with is highly confidential. That makes law firms a prime target for hackers. This not only costs a ton of money to recover from, but damages the firm’s reputation. By deploying legal technology through cloud desktops, all data is centrally stored ...

Remote/contract workers

Legal professionals are constantly on-the-go between multiple offices, the courthouse and home. Simply put, they need on-demand access to critical information from the multiple devices they use. Not only that, law firms frequently hire contract workers to assist when caseloads fluctuate. With an end-to-end IT infrastructure management solution like itopia ...


As with any industry, law firms are under pressure to reduce IT costs. With cloud desktops, firms can eliminate capital expenditure on hardware required to run virtual desktops. In addition, features in itopia CAS like Server Uptime scheduling and Autoscaling enable firms to reduce infrastructure costs significantly. Google Cloud’s per-second ...


Legal professionals deal with extremely large files daily and can’t afford to wait for those to download due to limited bandwidth on a private network. By leveraging Google Cloud’s state of the art global network, those documents can be transferred and downloaded—especially for remote workers—quickly, saving precious time and money. ...

Key Features

  • Automate provisioning for single or multi-region deployments on GCP
  • Configure Windows infrastructure
  • Schedule VM instance uptime
  • Administer Active Directory environments – users, groups and GPOs
  • Manage folders and file shares
  • Autoscale RD session hosts
  • Automate snapshots for backup and DR
  • Manage VM instances for compute, disk and firewall
  • Create and manage VPNs for cloud or hybrid use cases
  • Manage access control lists (ACL) and user permissions
  • Implement AD-based DR
  • Manage server-only environments on GCP
  • Integrate with Google BigQuery for GCP cost insights
  • Integrations with Slack, ZenDesk and ConnectWise


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