Itopia + GCP Cloud Desktops

Your complete solution to deliver remote desktops and applications
on Google Cloud Platform


itopia Cloud Automation Stack (CAS) is the leading IT infrastructure management solution purpose-built for Google Cloud
Platform (GCP) environments. CAS simplifies and reduces costs associated with the complexity of deploying and
managing virtual desktops on GCP, all through a single control panel.

Features & Benefits

Complete control with a simple user interface

Itopia CAS is the IT industry’s most comprehensive cloud migration and management software for Windows desktop and app virtualization in Google Cloud Platform. Designed to help organizations manage all aspects of their GCP workload lifecycle through a single control panel—even across multiple regions and GCP Projects. All activities related to deployment and management of core IT environments are managed through a central dashboard. This unified approach provides visibility into organization’s entire GCP footprint, helping to control costs and optimize the environment. itopia’s agentless approach automates the day-to-day tasks of IT management and provides continued visibility as workloads grow—all within your own GCP account.

Customizable virtual machines

itopia CAS runs your environments on Google Cloud virtual machines (VMs) that provide the GPU, CPU, memory, storage, and networking capacity you need. With itopia CAS and GCP, you can choose from a selection of VM types to optimize the performance of your applications, and reduce your overall costs. You also have an option to create custom instances where you completely control the amount of CPU and memory you want to allocate to the VM. Users access all their resources through Microsoft RDP protocol.

Microsoft Active Directory extension

Hybrid Active Directory (AD) extension enables you to keep your primary AD domain on premises, and extend a Google Cloud-based solution for AD disaster recovery and business continuity. Extending your AD to Google Cloud gives you an option to replicate all your users and security groups to GCP so that users will still be able to authenticate if there’s ever an issue that compromises your on premises domain controller.

Multi-region deployments

Companies with multiple sites located in different states, countries or continents can create a multisite Active Directory deployment on Google Cloud Platform through itopia Cloud Automation Stack (CAS) with disaster recovery capabilities. Environments can be deployed to the Google Cloud data center closest to their physical location for the lowest latency possible.

Virtual Graphic Workstations

itopia enables the delivery of high-performance virtual graphics workstations to designers, engineers and architects. All virtual graphic workstations users are provided with a dedicated 1:1 VM so they don’t affect other users when it comes to resource utilization. VMs are powered by NVIDIA® P100 GPU accelerators and accessed through Teradici PCoIP to provide the optimal remote desktop experience.

Virtual server import

You can easily import any non-RDS servers you have on GCP to itopia CAS to optimize your environment and cut infrastructure costs. You can take advantage of itopia features like Server uptime scheduling for cost savings or Snapshot scheduling for disaster recovery for your existing app/ web/ database servers.

Remote app

Remote application allows you to deploy select Windows programs that can be accessed remotely through Remote Desktop Services and the cloud, while from the user’s perspective they seem as if they are running locally on the end user’s device. Remote App is a scalable and convenient cloud service which allows the users to stay productive on the go, while using an encrypted connection through an RD gateway. All the application resources and client’s sensitive corporate data stay safely guarded in the cloud.

Automated Provisioning

The process of creating virtual servers with itopia CAS is completely automated, and you can configure your instances according your preferences through a single interface. The provisioning configuration capabilities of CAS enable you to: create or extend a single tenant domain, utilize best practice GPO’s for optimal security and compliance, and configure the OS, network, instance roles, and more.

On-prem catalog

Migration from your existing infrastructure to GCP + itopia is super fast and easy with our automated discovery tools. After running discovery, itopia creates an inventory of various components of your current environment, including: AD users and groups, and installed applications to enable seamless migration to Google Cloud.

Server uptime scheduling

Google Cloud bills on a per second basis for compute resources only when they are on. By leveraging the itopia server uptime instance scheduling you can significantly reduce your overall cloud infrastructure costs. For example: If your company only works during regular business hours, you can schedule server instances to turn on at 8 AM and turn off at 8 PM thus reducing the amount of hours consumed in a month by half.

Snapshot scheduling for DR

A Snapshot is an exact copy of your disk at a point in time, and is used to backup a full image of your persistent disks. Google Cloud’s Snapshot technology creates an exact copy of an instance that is stored by GCP across multiple regions. itopia CAS gives you the ability to create automated schedules to take snapshots and manage them according to your specific retention criteria.

Application restriction

In a shared environment, itopia CAS enables you to restrict application access on a per-user basis. Upon logging into their remote session, every user will have access to their customized selection of applications which can be updated as needed. This enables you to onboard employees, remote workers, temps and contractors quickly.

Custom images for simple application management

Itopia CAS enables you to quickly and easily install your applications using the image builder tool. You can create custom server images with installed applications. When your image is complete, itopia CAS can automatically apply the image to all the session host instances.


itopia CAS enables you to manage session host creation and instance resources such as RAM, CPU based on the number of users in the your environment. The autoscaling criteria can be tailored to your specific needs, and you can take the automatic session host creation to the next level using custom images.


itopia CAS integrates with third-party software many organizations already use like Slack, ConnectWise and Zendesk to automate manual tasks and keep your whole time up to date about important changes. Itopia CAS also integrates with Google BigQuery to provide you with billing insights and help analyze your GCP cost trends.

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