Simplified Deployment and
of Window-Based Desktops and
Apps on Google Cloud Platform

The Easy to Use Solution for the Delivery of Microsoft
Virtual Desktops and Remote App

The #1 Desktop as a Service Solution for Google Cloud

Automate Provisioning of Servers and Roles

Create and deploy single- or multi-region Windows RDS deployments in GCP in minutes.

Schedule VM Instance Uptime

Create a customized schedule to spin servers up or down based on business demand to lower cloud costs

Administer Active Directory Environments from a single console

Single-click management of Users, Groups and GPOs in Google Cloud-based or hybrid AD environments

Create Snapshots, Backups and Images

Easily create Google Cloud Automatic Snapshots to protect your data and make sure it is always retrievable. Automatically copy snapshots to additional GCP regions and accounts for disaster recovery.

Manage VM Instances for Compute, Disk and Firewall

Create and manage VM instances and and enable infrastructure resource auto-scaling from a single pane of glass.

Integrate with Google BigQuery for GCP cost insights

Export usage data to Google Cloud BigQuery to gain insight into cloud costs and trends through the GCP billing module

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Why You Need itopia on GCP

    • Discover desktop environments and dependencies
    • Automate provisioning of virtual desktops in minutes
    • Deploy virtual desktops in single- or multi-regions
    • Leverage GCP’s Worldwide data center footprint
    • Schedule VM instance uptime
    • Administer Active Directory environments
    • Manage folders and file shares
    • Autoscale RD session hosts
    • Automate snapshots for backup and DR
    • Manage VM instances (compute, disk, firewall)
    • Create and manage VPNs (cloud/hybrid)
    • Manage access controls lists
    • Integrate with Slack, Zendesk and ConnectWise

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