Digital Transformation – 4 Ways itopia + Google Cloud Enable the Oil & Gas Industry

Written by Alexander Shapero on Dec 05, 2018

The oil and gas industry is undergoing a massive digital transformation due to a surge in new and disruptive technologies. In order to remain profitable in a notoriously volatile market, companies must look for ways to increase operational efficiency throughout the entire supply chain – from rigs on the edge to the datacenter to the distribution channels. IT departments are also under increasing pressure to reduce costs and securely process data in these dispersed and highly connected environments.

Adopting cloud platforms and implementing agile methodologies is a great place to start. The next challenges are dealing with the enormous amount of data being generated, resource-hungry visualization and modeling applications and new access mechanisms like virtual desktops. With itopia Cloud Automation Stack (CAS) + Google Cloud, oil and gas companies get an end-to-end cloud automation and management solution to address all the above.

How itopia CAS + Google Cloud Enables Digital Transformation in Oil and Gas

Tons of new and powerful applications are flooding the market at a rapid rate, and companies that don’t get on board will simply not be able to compete. Getting those applications into the hands of workers is a huge challenge. While legacy VDI is one way to do this, it’s super complex and expensive. For IT departments under the gun to cut costs and improve efficiency, on-premises VDI is a hard sell to management. Enter Google Cloud-based virtual desktops deployed and managed by itopia CAS. Here are four ways the joint solution benefits oil and gas companies:

  • Enabling a remote workforce – Regardless of the size of the company, oil and gas operations are by nature very dispersed. Providing IT infrastructure and applications for remote sites has been a huge challenge to-date. With Google Cloud-based virtual desktops deployed and managed by itopia CAS, companies can ensure that workers anywhere in the world can ensure that workers can be productive with the latest and greatest technologies. In addition, itopia CAS supports multi-regional deployments, meaning that desktops and apps can be deployed from the nearest GCP data center for the lowest latency and best user experience possible.
  • Cutting costs – With extremely volatile prices and the rise of arguably less expensive alternative energy sources like wind and solar, oil and gas companies are facing stiff competition. Because of this, IT departments are under increasing pressure to deliver more for less money. Features in itopia CAS like server uptime scheduling and autoscaling enable them to cut GCP infrastructure costs significantly. Monitoring capabilities in itopia CAS and integration with GCP BigQuery also give IT pros deep insight into usage in their RDS and server deployments and cost trends so they can optimize costs even further. Couple that with GCP’s per second billing and rich set of discounts to achieve the lowest costs imaginable.
  • High-performance applications – Graphics-intensive 3D modeling and data visualization applications are widespread in the industry. Traditionally, companies were required to procure super expensive physical workstations to run these. To eliminate this debilitating cost, companies can now deploy GPU-accelerated virtual graphics workstations powered by HPC on Google Cloud with itopia CAS. These Linux-based graphics workstations are accessed through the PCoIP protocol to provide the best performance and end-user experience. In addition, to deal with he massive amount of data these applications generate, companies can also leverage data analytics from Google Cloud BigQuery.
  • Security – Oil and gas companies operate in a geopolitically sensitive industry and are frequent targets of cyberattacks, particularly from foreign governments. Widespread industry adoption of IoT-connected devices such as sensors is only making the threat landscape larger. By migrating applications and data to Google Cloud’s highly secure data centers, sensitive information is stored centrally, not on vulnerable edge devices. Further, IT pros can set granular access and authentication policies through itopia CAS’s central and easy to use management console.

Cloud, mobility, big data, the IoT, AI and social media have changed the game for all industries and oil and gas is no exception. While the oil and gas industry is infamous for being slow to adopt new technologies and mindsets, market pressure to innovate is forcing companies to embrace widespread digital transformation. While there are a massive amount of new and innovative applications to achieve this, companies need and efficient and cost effective way to securely deliver those apps to their workforce and any other third-party partners in the supply chain. Hands down, itopia CAS + Google Cloud provides oil and gas companies with the least expensive, highest performing, most comprehensive and easiest to use solution to meet the unique challenges the industry faces.