Success Story: Forthright Leverages itopia to Consolidate VDI Workloads onto Google Cloud for Finotex‘s Distributed Workforce


Forthright Technology Partners is a leading provider of solutions and services that leverages industry leading technologies to enable high availability and exceptional end user experience. Forthright’s AIM methodology ensures success by guiding the customer through an end-to-end process starting with advisory services, followed by implementation, backed by an industry first, Solution Warranty maintained by Enterprise Managed Services. Forthright is Google Cloud Service Partner.


Finotex is facing significant challenges dues to major disruption in the retail industry, In order to stay competitive in the market, the company needed to reduce costs and improve performance. To enable their large and dispersed workforce, they had previously been using Citrix and VMware technologies co-located in a third-party datacenter and managed by Forthright Technology Partners. The company’s contract with the colocation provider and software from Citrix and VMware were approaching end-of-life, so Forthright started looking for a cloud-based alternative. They evaluated Microsoft Azure, but the cost/benefit analysis didn’t add up. AWS also was ruled out because both the cost and the lack of automation and orchestration for deployment and management.

Use Case


By migrating from Citrix to Google Cloud with itopia, Forthright has been able to completely eliminate much of the hardware overhead (Netscaler, for instance), or as the company states, the “Citrix bloat” in the Finotex deployment. With the server uptime scheduling capabilities, Forthright has been able to reduce infrastructure costs by well into double digits. The SaaS also makes it much easier to spin up new applications quickly and manage user profiles and policies from a single dashboard. By leveraging Google Cloud’s highly scalable and elastic infrastructure in multiple availability zones, the company no longer needs to overprovision resources to achieve the required business continuity. Network performance is also much faster, making for a better end user experience. In addition, disaster recovery is now a breeze due to regularly scheduled snapshots that have been put in place. Finally, the company is taking advantage of the “insights” module, which enables them to see statistics on how resources are being utilized to make more informed tweaks to the environment as needed to reduce costs further and improve performance.

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