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Delivering for the Executives

in , posted on 26.08.19, by

Senior executives at many companies want to ensure their company’s information is secure, but they also want to use their own personal device for work and have that device work no matter where in the world they travel.  Of course, all the files used across the company must work in […]


Upper Dublin School District Says Goodbye to Computer Lab Refreshes with Google Cloud Desktops

in , posted on 18.07.19, by

Computer labs. The internet cafes of the classroom. Somewhere in every high school in America is that big room packed with 30-something Windows desktops where kids work on “computing,” opening up Excel, AutoCAD and more to learn valuable technical skills. We take these rooms for granted, along with their occupation […]


itopia + Google Cloud to Power the First-Ever Mission Possible Challenge at Kaseya Connect IT

in , posted on 06.05.19, by

Las Vegas – Connect IT – May 7, 2019 – itopia, creators of Cloud Automation Stack, a proprietary, end-to-end automation and orchestration SaaS solution for enterprises and IT service providers, today announced the company’s upcoming participation in the first ever Mission Possible contest at the Kaseya Connect IT conference. Enterprise […]


itopia Announces Integration with Google Cloud Managed Service for Microsoft AD, Remote Desktop Collection Orchestration

in , posted on 10.04.19, by

April 10, 2019 – VDI migration and cloud management provider itopia has announced integration with Google Cloud’s Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory, and powerful new Remote Desktop collection and orchestration capabilities. Google Cloud’s continuous work in enterprise computing requires a willingness to make legacy systems simple and ready for […]


Omnichannel: 6 Ways Cloud VDI Enables Retailers to Thrive

in , posted on 12.02.19, by

Omnichannel retail is the new black, and it’s driving a massive digital transformation in the industry. Tech-savvy consumers are now calling the shots—demanding access to multiple channels throughout their shopping journey from wherever and whenever they choose. Increasingly, retailers are migrating to the cloud to meet these new demands. The […]


CASE STUDY: United TranZactions Utilizes itopia Cloud Automation Stack to Revamp and Reinforce its EUC Environment on Google Cloud Platform

in , posted on 31.01.19, by

Introduction United Tranzactions (UTA) is the largest independent check guarantee company in the US. The company securely guarantees billions of dollars in transactions every year and delivers a mission critical service to its client’s who are located throughout the US.  Through its proprietary online rapid response check guarantee platform, UTA […]


CASE STUDY: Forthright leverages itopia Cloud Automation Stack to Lift, Shift and Modernize Desktop and App Delivery from Google Cloud Platform for Finotex

in , posted on 24.01.19, by

Introduction Forthright Technology Partners is a leading provider of solutions and services that leverages industry leading technologies to enable high availability and exceptional end user experience. Forthright’s AIM methodology ensures success by guiding the customer through an end-to-end process starting with advisory services, followed by implementation, backed by an industry […]


CASE STUDY: DosePlanner Utilizes itopia Cloud Automation Stack to Rapidly Migrate and Manage its SaaS Application onto Google Cloud Platform

in , posted on 24.01.19, by

Introduction DosePlanner is a proprietary SaaS product designed to help pharmacies with compliance packaging operations. DosePlanner automates the process of printing labels and packaging patient medications to ensure that patients are receiving the correct medications and dosages at the right times. The software integrates with many popular pharmacy management systems […]


itopia Kick Starts 2019 with New MSP Referral Program

in , posted on 14.01.19, by

January 14, 2019 – IT and cloud software automation provider itopia has announced a new referral program for channel partners throughout 2019. itopia, the leader in virtual desktop automation and lifecycle management for Google Cloud, has introduced an exciting new MSP referral program. The program, called “New Year, New MSP”, […]


AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud: A More Accurate Perspective of Cloud Infrastructure Services

in , posted on 30.10.18, by

Tired of doing research on Google, Amazon, and Microsoft cloud services and reaching no conclusion? Do you demand clarity and facts instead of feature breakdowns that look identical? Instead of splitting hairs, consult the facts from an objective third party: cloud benchmark consulting firm Cloud Spectator. Their Best Hyperscale Cloud […]


VDI vs RDS — Which is Better for You?

in , posted on 15.10.18, by

Wherever you are on your end user computing journey, the VDI vs RDS question is bound to come up—and for good reason. The two approaches have many differences. Further, there are legitimate concerns about the cost and complexity of virtual desktop infrastructure environments – not to mention the actual performance […]


GPU-Accelerated Virtual Graphics Workstations: 5 Ways itopia + Google Cloud-Based VDI Benefit Media & Entertainment Production

in , posted on 02.10.18, by

Both 2D and 3D graphics applications require a massive amount of infrastructure resources. In the past, media and entertainment companies have invested millions of dollars in on-premises rendering farms to enable the artists and engineers that work with these resource-hungry applications on a daily basis. These farms are incredibly expensive […]


4 Reasons Why Financial Services Need Cloud Desktops

in , posted on 10.09.18, by

The financial services (FinServ) industry is under enormous pressure to provide more innovative solutions to increasingly digital consumers. Not only are customers conducting transactions online and through mobile devices, but they also have a ton of services like Square or PayPal to choose from. In short, financial services organizations need […]


Some Takeaways from Google Cloud Next’18

in , posted on 02.08.18, by

Last week, our team joined over 25,000 attendees, partners, sponsors and industry experts in San Francisco for Google Cloud Next’18. We had quite the turnout at our booth where we were able to demonstrate itopia Cloud Automation Stack (CAS) to a wide variety of cloud enthusiasts.  We also introduced new […]


itopia Announces Support for Hybrid Active Directory-Based Deployments on Google Cloud Platform

in , posted on 31.07.18, by

IT and cloud software automation provider itopia today introduced new hybrid cloud capabilities with the extension of on-premises Active Directory environments into Google Cloud Platform (GCP)-hosted AD. The company also announced new server-only deployment automation features.   MIAMI (PRWEB) JULY 23, 2018 IT and cloud software automation provider itopia today introduced […]


Itopia Partners with MSP Collective The 20, Empowering Members to Leverage Google Cloud to Target New Use Cases, Deliver World-Class Security, Drive Lower Costs and Increase Margins

in , posted on 17.07.18, by

MIAMI, FL. – July 17, 2018 – Cloud automation and management SaaS provider itopia today announced a new partnership with the industry’s leading Managed Services Provider (MSP) collective The 20, enabling members to deploy and manage Google Cloud-based and hybrid IT environments simply and at the lowest cost possible. Itopia is […]


Debunking 5 Myths About Cloud-Based DaaS

in , posted on 23.05.18, by

If you have been following desktop virtualization since it first became available, you’ve probably heard the phrase “‘X year‘ will be the year of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)”. If you were an early adopter of VDI, you were probably also among the first the fall into the category of a […]


itopia Announces Deeper Integration with Google Cloud Platform and Enhanced Provisioning

in , posted on 17.05.18, by

MIAMI, FL – May 17, 2018 – Desktop as a Service (DaaS) software automation provider itopia today announced new integration of its Cloud Automation Stack platform with Google Cloud, and new provisioning capabilities to streamline the costs and management of cloud-based desktops. itopia, the leader in virtual desktop automation for Google Cloud, has […]


Cloud-based VDI: 4 Reasons Why Healthcare Companies are Making the Move

in , posted on 11.05.18, by

The healthcare industry isn’t new to desktop virtualization and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)—it was one of the first to adopt it. Originally, healthcare organizations deployed VDI on-premises to give healthcare professionals secure access to patient records from multiple devices and locations. However, as those traditional VDI solutions are becoming outdated, […]


Digital Transformation: 5 Components Shaping EUC Strategies and Where Virtual Desktops Fit

in , posted on 20.04.18, by

In today’s fast paced, mobile and hyper-connected world, businesses have to move fast. Rapidly changing technologies and increasingly tech-savvy end users require companies to take new approaches to their respective digital transformation strategies. To be successful, business leaders need to approach IT transformation as an ongoing journey. This requires organizations […]


Preparing for Generation Z in the Workplace

in , posted on 28.02.18, by

Just when businesses finally started to figure out how to attract and accommodate millennials, they now need to start preparing for generation Z in the workplace. Generation Z is roughly defined as those born between between 1995 and 2010, and is the largest portion of the U.S. population at 26 percent. […]


itopia’s Desktop-as-a-Service Platform Now on Google Cloud Launcher and Orbitera Test Drive

in , posted on 13.02.18, by

MIAMI, FL. – February 13, 2018 – DaaS software provider itopia today announced the availability of its CAS automation and orchestration platform on Google Cloud Launcher and Orbitera Test Drive itopia, a Google Cloud Desktop-as-a-Service Technology Partner, is now available on the Google Cloud Launcher marketplace, enabling customers to seamlessly deploy desktops and apps to […]


itopia Integrates with ConnectWise to Accelerate MSP Growth

in , posted on 24.10.17, by

Industry’s Leading Cloud IT Management Portal for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Reports Explosive Growth and Readies for More with New ConnectWise Alliance   MIAMI, FL – itopia, a leading Google Cloud Technology Partner, has successfully integrated ConnectWise’s industry leading business management platform for Information Technology Service Providers, ConnectWise Manage™, into its […]


Why Does The CEO Think WAAS Is A No-brainer?

in , posted on 06.09.16, by

This is the fourth part of a series on the benefits of Cloud Hosted Desktops for various stakeholders of organizations. WHAT DOES THE CEO WANT FROM IT? At the core, CEO’s want two things from IT: things should just work and costs should stay low. Chief Executive Officers want systems to be fully protected, while […]


Workspace As A Service Benefits Service Providers Too

in , posted on 23.01.16, by

The Cloud Desktop concept has been receiving quite a bit of attention lately at tradeshows, among industry publications, and within peer groups. In this blog post, I’ll discuss how a Cloud Desktop strategy can have operational benefits for service providers. Before we delve into this, however, let me briefly review what a Cloud Desktop is. […]


A Note From Our CEO Jon Lieberman

in , posted on 14.01.16, by

Happy New Year. I want to take a few moments to share some thoughts as we launch into 2016. Since the beginning, itopia has been dedicated to helping MSPs, ISVs and IT service providers realize the promise of cloud computing. The fundamental shift occurring from on-premises IT infrastructure to next-generation […]


Securing A Mobile Workforce With Cloud Desktops

in , posted on 08.12.15, by

In survey after survey, companies that are considering moving their IT to the cloud state that security is their number one priority. Yet, the term “security” can be as nebulous as the word “cloud”. Further, security means different things to different people within the organization, and companies often take an […]


A Thousands Ways To Move Your Business To The Cloud

in , posted on 19.11.15, by

The bring-your-own-device revolution, spurred by faster than ever high-speed connectivity and an increasing mobile workforce, has forced companies to look to the cloud for desktop and application enablement. The problem is, many companies don’t want to buy cloud apps, because they already own desktop versions of the applications they need. […]


Follow The Money!!!

in , posted on 28.02.15, by

Typically whenever there is a groundswell of change in widely accepted business practices, there are always wide pockets of resistance. Companies and organizations are very much like humans in this regard. Conducting business in a different fashion than it has been done traditionally is always met with fear, uncertainty, trepidation, […]


Sticky Business

in , posted on 18.01.15, by

MSPs are hearing the loud beats of the drum….”GOT TO MOVE TO THE CLOUD, GOT TO MOVE TO THE CLOUD!!!”. The numbers obviously don’t lie. We continue to see “Cloud Oriented Partners” (50% of their revenue is related to cloud offerings) outperform their “non Cloud” competition/counterparts across many Key Performance […]


Why Private Clouds Will Prevail

in , posted on 02.11.13, by

Desktops sucking all of your company’s resources? They can cost up to $2,000 a year to maintain. Companies – and their employees – want higher reliability, higher availability, higher speed of application development. And they want reduced cost. Learn more in this article from Howard Anderson in InformationWeek.


The Workplaces Of The Future

in , posted on 03.10.13, by

According to the Citrix Workplace of the Future report, organizations will have almost a fifth less workspace by the end of 2020, provide just two-thirds of a desk for each office employee, and completely redesign their workplace.


BYOD On The Rise At Law Firms

in , posted on 10.07.13, by

Cloud computing has spawned a rise in companies encouraging employees to bring  your  own  deviceӔ (BYOD) to work, and its a trend on the rise at law firms. According to a 2012 American  Bar Association survey, 29% of solo practitioners have already  adopted cloud  computing. Small  firms  with  two to  nine  lawyers  came  in  close  behind, at  26%. So what exactly  is it? REMOTE DESKTOPS BYOD  is  an   offshoot  of   cloud computing and  the  use  of  remote […]


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